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Our Maths is a transformational, whole-school primary maths programme has been adapted from the leading Singapore Maths series 'My Pals are Here'. 


Our scheme:

  • is built on a concrete - pictorial - abstract approach, ensuring secure foundations and deep understanding of mathematical concepts 
  • uses a spiral progression to develop fluency, reasoning, and problem solving and conceptual understanding for mastery
  • focuses on excellent teacher knowledge of the both the pupils and their next steps. This enables the children to plan highly effective questions which test the pupils' depth of understanding. 

Information on the Inspire Maths Curriculum

Continuing the learning journey at home 

Oxford Owl Maths - help for parents supporting their children with mathematics

The materials below and the links within this text are from Oxford Owl Maths and are free for parents to access. These resources are designed to support you with your children’s maths throughout their primary years. You'll find a whole host of activities, simple ideas, top tips and eBooks to help your child with their maths at home. 


There are lots of ways to help to build your child's confidence in maths. There are many fun games and activities you can do with your child that practise maths skills. Most children love playing games and it's an easy way to support their learning. 


On Oxford Owl Maths, you'll also find advice from educational experts on what your child is learning at school and how to make maths fun at home.