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Our Staffroom

The school’s Headteacher, Mrs James, has overall responsibility for the everyday running of the school, with the assistance of the Senior Leadership Team; Assistant Headteachers are Mr Arnold (KS2) & Mr Holmes (KS1).


SENCO responsibilities are managed by Miss Franesca Renoldi.


The Inclusion Team: 

  • Family Support Officer (Full Time) - Mrs Dawn Smith - this role includes Family Learning.
  • Learning Mentor (Afternoon) - Mrs Carol Foster
  • Nurture Lead - Miss Tammy Ward
  • Pastoral Lead - Mrs Katie Digby


The classes are taught as follows:


Class Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Kate Barlow-Kempster

Miss Megan Wallace

Mrs Sue Tilly

Mrs Angela Phillips

Miss Gemma Ward

Miss Louise Edmeades

Mrs Sue Poppy

Mr Stuart Holmes

Mrs Naomi Keeping

Mrs Victoria Purbrick

Mrs Lynne Holland

Mrs Elesha Palser

Mrs Claire Robins

Mrs Aimee Valentine

Mrs Jo Elias

Mrs Mary Parish

Mrs Carol Foster


Mr Jack Arnold

Mrs Ami Brodie

Mrs Hayley Sheldrick

Miss Francesca Renoldi

Mrs Sue George

Miss Amy Coe

Mrs Stephanie Hayllar


Throughout the year, we may offer placements in our school for student teachers.  Please speak to your child's class teacher if you have any questions or concerns.


Our Support Staff work closely with children who have varying needs often that cannot be met by the quality first teaching within the classroom.  They run a wide range of intervention programmes and have developed many specialist skills.  They are attached to classes for the time that they are not supporting individual children.


Our Office Staff are Mrs Serowka (Office Manager) Mrs Moore (Administration Assistant) and Mrs Forkner (Academy Business Manager).


Our Midday Assistants are Mrs Burman, Miss Edmeades, Mrs Griggs, Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Mertens, Mrs Poppy, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Thompson. 


Our Site Manager is Mrs Edmeades. Our cleaners are Mrs Burman, Mrs Cadogen and Mrs Goodwin.