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Come join us!

As you join our school, you automatically become a member of the PTA.  We invite all parents to attend meetings and feed back to other parents. 


Our active committee runs a range of activities including Summer Bounce, Christmas Fete, discos etc. This hard work provides us with special extras which benefit the children at our school.  Some of the events don't always raise the most money but we feel the children's enjoyment is just as important.


During 2016, the school organised residential trips to Devon which the PTA subsidised. Also the Year 6's were treated to a farewell trip to London which consisted of a visit to the London Dungeons, a boat trip and a meal at TGI. 


The committee always needs new members, and all help is happily received! 


Without the help of parents and the PTA, events such as the school discos, fetes and summer bounces can not operate and the school are very grateful for all our help and support. 


We already have exciting plans for this school year.  We have donated £300 per class for the teacher to use for their 'Big Bang'.  If you would like further information on how to get involved please leave your name and phone number at the school office and a member of the PTA will contact you.  Everyone is welcome!



Part of our fund raising is we sell Adventure Island tickets at a reduced rate of:

£16.50 for Big Adventurer ticket

£13.50 for Junior/Mini riders

Please contact either Mel Ling on 07734429479 or Toni Blackburn 07735953082