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Pupil Voice - Tell us what you think!

Come on, tell us what you think?

Your views and feeling are important!


We want to hear what you think about your school; what we do well but also what we need to do better! So tell us your ideas and they could be part of the changes we make to make this school an even better place to learn.


There are many ways you can share your ideas. You can: 

  • tell an adult!
  • fill out a Comment Form (these are emailed to Miss Fishleigh!)
  • complete the Annual Questionnaire - these are completed in the Spring Term. 


Got a great idea that can't wait? Tell us now!

Don't wait to the Annual Pupil Survey or to you see Miss Fishleigh. Email your thoughts and ideas now! Just make sure you tell us about your idea and provide your name and email (so you get the credit)!

Pupil Intervention Survey - tell us what you think!

Do you take part in small group interventions? What do you think about them? Do they help you or can we make them better?  If you have something to say complete a survey following the link below. 


Click here to take part in our Interventions Survey!

2017/18 Annual Pupil Survey

Once a year, normally in the Autumn or Spring Term, Miss Fishleigh will ask you to tell us what you think about your school. What's good, what's not so good but most importantly what needs changing!


This survey is only open a short amount of time and is completed in school so don't try the link if won't work and your great feedback might get lost! If you got something to say, use the Feedback Box above - Miss Fishleigh will then get that message immediately. 


However, if it's time (and your teachers have told you clink on it) please click on the school logo and you will be whisked to a survey site. Don't worry we won't ask you your name, just your year group, so you can answer honestly.  


Most of the questions require you answer by clicking on a circle under faces. There are 4 and they look like and mean this. However, if you are not sure just ask an adult and they will help you. 

All the question provide you with an opportunity to explain further but you don't have to. Some questions are you for your ideas but again you only have to fill these in, if you want. 


When you are ready please click on the school logo below and you will be taken to the Survey site. 


Balstonia Trust 

The Balstonia Trust have asked all pupils in year 5 and 6 to take the following survey. This is completely confidential and no personal data is taken. 


Please start this survey by clicking HERE. 


Thank You!